Seva is selfless service:

“Seva or service is infinite giving.  When I am honored in my consciousness for doing something, it is Seva.  When I stand before my consciousness, I feel good, and I say, ‘Well, I am so blessed that I could do it. That’s Seva.”

 Yogi Bhajan 7/22/1978                   


Sat Tirath Ashram

We are happy to see newcomers at any of our yoga and meditation classes. Join the community to participate in the center`s life and the discussion club.

Stay at the Ashram and immerse yourself in our wonderful yogic lifestyle program with other like-minded members.

The KC Kundalini Yoga Center offers many opportunities for Seva, both inside the ashram and in the surrounding yards and gardens.

Karma Yoga helps to balance ones karma (results of good and bad actions).  During Karma Yoga, we meditate and focus on our connection to God.  Kar Seva is selfless service, work we do together as a community such as cooking and serving communal meals, cleaning the yoga rooms and other spaces, doing yard work, gardening  or snow removal.  Contact Sat Inder (816) 561-5337 to schedule your Karma Yoga.

Sat Tirath Ashram was established in Kansas City by Yogi Bhajan in 1972 and  has been at the current  location since 1977.   Sikh Dharma (religious) and 3HO (educational) are wholly volunteer organizations which receive no funding from the international organizations.  The administration of both organizations and maintenance of the property  are accomplished by local volunteers.

Each resident assists in the maintenance of the properties and services through karma yoga and seva (selfless service). Students and supporters are welcome to participate as well.  In addition to the main building, there are 4 lots containing  lawns, trees, shrubs, and several gardens. 

So there are lots of opportunities to apply a variety of skills and interests —

  1. Ashram Hostess
  2. Property maintenance
  3. Gardening and lawn care
  4. Assist with Kundalini Yoga website and FaceBook administration
  5. Assist with Office work, including monthly bank account reconciliations, financial reports, annual budgets
  6. Manage Yoga Store
  7. Lead Morning Sadhana on a weekly/monthly basis
  8. Teach Kundalini Yoga Classes and/or workshops at the KC Kundalini Yoga Center (The teacher receives 75% of the donations for the class.)
  9. Assist with Public Relations, promotions
  10. Clean and set up the Gurdwara
  11. Assist with fund raisers and celebrations
  12. Prepare meals and clean the kitchen for Teacher Training weekends
  13. Provide child care during yoga classes
  14. Write and submit articles on Kundalini Yoga, healthy lifestyle and related subjects to local newspapers, magazines and social media.
  15. Represent 3HO KC Kundalini Yoga Center at local Health Fairs, Yoga Association events, and/or KC Interfaith events. (We have a booth.)

“Our way of life in infinite vastness and love through service.”

                           -Yogi Bhajan, 4/21/1999                                           



A spiritual hermitage in Old Hyde Park where you can see thousands of stars at night.

Get Involved

Our community is actively involved in the life of locals that require humanitarian support on a regular basis.


We appreciate your contribution to the donation programs and will happily accept any help we can get.

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