The Ashram as an Organization

Since the early seventies, Sat Tirath Ashram has implemented Yogi Bhajan’s instructions.  This is one of the few centers which continue to house several students/teachers under one roof to assist each other in practicing the 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) lifestyle and to pass on and continue the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

As envisioned and developed by Yogi Bhajan, Sat Tirath Ashram, the community, consists of the two separate legal entities of 3HO Foundation and Sikh Dharma.  


  • The 3HO Foundation is a public, not-for-profit educational foundation registered to promote the teaching of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and other techniques for health and happiness.  3HO is not a religious organization.  People of all faiths, ethnicities, ages, and abilities enjoy and benefit from the yogic practices.


  • Sat Tirath Ashram also houses a Sikh temple (Gurdwara).  Yogi Bhajan was a Sikh (Sikhism is the world’s sixth largest religion), and many students who were trained directly by him adopted the Sikh lifestyle.  Sikh Dharma is a public not-for-profit religious corporation registered in Missouri to provide the organizational framework for teaching and practicing the Sikh way of life here.  Sikhism is not a requirement for residence, however, and it is not included in Kundalini Yoga classes that are taught through 3HO.  The two entities are entirely separate.

Facilities – Since 1977, Sat Tirath Ashram has been located at 3525 Walnut Street in historic Old Hyde Park.  The building was constructed in 1896 as a graceful mansion, whose large living room/library makes a beautiful, peaceful yoga room with soft colors, wool carpeting and sunlight shining through the generous bay window on the south side.  The large kitchen has hosted many delicious vegetarian meals; a yogi tea pot is always ready to serve.  

An adjacent parking lot provides ample off-street parking for students and residents to the north of the main building.  
The Yoga Center is open to the public 15 minutes before and after class times, or by appointment.

The space may be used for other small groups, particularly for spiritual and self-development purposes.  Donations are requested in exchange for the use of the space.  Call (816) 561-5337 for more information.

Policies help to guide members and students in maintaining our community space in a pure, healthy and clear way.

  • Since Yogic teachings encourage walking barefooted to stimulate the 72,000 nerve endings in the soles of the feet, dirt and bacteria should be left outside.  Residents, students and guests are asked to remove their shoes and leave them on the shoe shelves inside the front door.
  • Sat Tirath Ashram is a non-smoking establishment.  The use of alcohol, tobacco and non-prescription or recreational drugs is prohibited within the building or on the grounds.
  • All residents follow a vegetarian diet within the center:  foods brought into the center should contain no meat, fish or eggs.  Dairy products are allowed.
  • Singles and married couples may reside at the ashram.
  • While some residents wear turbans as a matter of choice, guests are not required to.  Head coverings are recommended during yoga and meditation classes and required when attending Gurdwara ceremonies.
  • Karma Yoga – Each resident is assigned Karma Yoga responsibilities to assist in manifesting consciousness on a material level and to help with the routine maintenance of the property.  Occasionally working together on special projects helps to maintain our connections with each other on the material plane in much the same way as our daily sadhana does on the spiritual plane.
  • Sikhism or Sikh Dharma is the religion practiced by some residents.  It is a universal path which is respectful of other spiritual paths.  It is not a requirement of residence nor of attendance at any ashram activities.  Members of all faiths are welcome.  Sikhs are prohibited from proselytizing, and we ask that members of other faiths similarly respect our chosen path.

Note:  Sadhana, yoga classes, Gurdwara services and other group activities are part of ashram living.  To live within the ashram and not participate in these activities regularly would be akin to camping at a desert oasis and not drinking the water.  These activities are the reason for the ashram’s existence.


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