Live Classes & KC HEALTH Dept. Covid regulations

 The Kansas City Health Department has a  Covid regulation that masks must be worn inside, whether people are vaccinated or not. 

We were thinking one fun way to deal with that is to have some of the classes outside, especially some of the all day sessions in Level 1 and 2.  We can remove the swing and add sheets and cushions on the front porch, waterfall area with a swing 2 tables and several chairs off the back deck and 4 benches in the Peace Garden to accommodate various weather conditions.  

CALL 816 561 5337 to arrange Classes to Suit YOUR Individual Needs and Safety at the 3HO Center
IMPORTANT: We want to accommodate as many students as possible but also assure students that we have their safety and ours as our first priority. Beginning March 1 we will be holding classes on the following schedule and with the following important provisions and precautions:
  • Classes are Monday (9 AM and 7 PM)Thursday, 7 PM; and Sunday 9 AM.
  • ALL participants in classes offered on line and in person as well provided participants are pre-registered.
  • In person participants MUST register & pay at least one hour BEFORE class. There are no exceptions to this so we can maintain a safe limit to each class. This will allow for safe social distancing. Purchases of Class Blocks are recommended and specially discounted blocks are availabkle over the course of the pandemic.
  • Masks covering the nose and mouth are allowed but not required. Temperatures will be taken for each teacher and in person participant.
We know how important the practice of Kundalini Yoga is to all of our students. We want to emphasize that it is just as important to our teachers. Steady practice and learning can account for a safer passage through these difficult times. Our pranayam practices offer substantial protection from airborne infections. Steady meditative practices will give us the intuition and calm meditative intentions to allow us to maintain a clear view of our safe behavior during this global emergency. We teach with a sense of urgency so our students can take actions for their own inspiration and safety.

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