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  • KartaPurkh S Khalsa
    Posted May 26, 2021 5:09 pm 0Likes

    In addition to all the “learning” that went on during the Saturday & Sunday’s Level 2 Mind and Meditation Course (which was by the way extremely informative for everyone, including BOTH teachers and students), our morning sadhanas were powerful stretching our limits of enchantment with the Naam. We began with reading/chanting Jaap-Ji Sahib out on the ashram
    ‘s front porch in the balmy morning breezes. As we spoke the words of Guru Nanak, we were accompanied by the local avian population who seemed to quicky get into the vibration and the poetrey that is the guru’s holy words. The sacrosanct words moved from out throats to the rhythmic chirping and singing of our winged brothers and sisters.
    Morning yoga and meditation further strengthened the bond between man/woman and flying beasts. Wahe Guru!

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